Another from Saving Grace

August, 2022: “Tuxie was adopted from us after months of being treated for ringworm. When she came in initially, she was examined and the doctor found no issues other than the ringworm. By the time she went home 4 months later, she had developed a bad case of stomatitis and needed a full mouth extraction. Her new family could not afford the surgery, and we were not set up to do it at the shelter, so we contacted a local vet who was able to do it for roughly 1/4 of the cost. The shelter paid $500 from the fund to get Tuxie taken care of and back home to her new mom.”

Happy Tail Tuesday

August, 2022: We have another fantastic story, this time from Saving Grace Pet Adoption: “Your donation to Holly’s hospice recently helped Gretel go to Callahan Village, a retirement home where she spent the past 6 months living her best life. We were able to convince management to take her by providing all the food, medical care and supplies.” This is why we do what we do!

Another happy tail from Cat Adoption Team!

August, 2022: Alex and his wife moved to the Portland metro area from the Ukraine along with their young cat Lucky. But earlier this summer, Lucky was diagnosed with a right eye entropion and the cost of surgery to correct the issue was out of reach for Lucky’s family. Worried about being able to provide the care they knew Lucky needed, Alex contacted Cat Adoption Team (CAT) to see if we could take Lucky in. Lucky for Lucky, CAT’s Keeping Cats in Homes program exists so that kitties like him can get the care they need and stay with the family they know and love! Donations from partners like Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fundy help fund the program so that CAT could provide Lucky’s surgery for a much lower cost. Now Lucky is healed and happy at home!

I’ve been remiss!

August, 2022: My apologies for the delay in posting any updates, but we have been spending money and saving lives! In the last few months we’ve donated to Valley Animal Center and Halo Cafe pet food bank in Fresno, California; Friends of Kings County Animal Services in Hanford, California; Valley Oak SPCA in Visalia, California; Cat Tales Rescue in Solano County, California; and Feral Freedom Northern California.

Puppy Love

April, 2022: Juno, a puppy who had a terrible case of mange and was going to be surrendered by his family – a single mom with three kids. They were all crying. But instead of having to surrender him, Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center used some of our funds for treatment and he’s doing really well!