Saving Miles

December, 2023:

Another happy tail from Cat Adoption Team! “When Jonathen and his wife saw that their beloved cat Miles was getting sick, they took him right to the vet. They were heartbroken to get the diagnosis of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a viral infection that — until recently — was almost always fatal. There was a possibility of treating the disease, but the treatment can be expensive and works best when coupled with frequent bloodwork to track progress.

Although Jonathan was out of work, his wife had just started a new job. They were able to purchase Miles medication and treat him privately, but getting regular bloodwork drawn and tested was out of reach. The family contacted CAT’s Helpline for advice — and, thanks to donors and supporters like Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fund — Cat Adoption Team was ready to help. During Miles’ treatment, CAT’s hospital performed blood draws and covered the cost of bloodwork testing too. Jonathan shares: “Y’all have been exceptionally helpful… I appreciate it immensely.”

Helping cats like Miles and his family is what the CAT Helpline is all about. Thank you to Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fund and all your donors for supporting this important work!”