More from Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center:

January, 2022:

  1. “This kitty is named Little Bitty. His owner lives in a local homeless camp. Little Bitty had an injury to his neck that would not heal. His owner knew he needed vet care but couldn’t afford it. He called us desperate for help and willing to surrender Little Bitty if he had to. Because of the Jamie Brianna Legacy Fund we were able to offer to treat Little Bitty’s wound and foster him until it healed enough for him to go back to his home at the camp. Little Bitty’s owner was overjoyed and brought him to us for treatment right away. Little Bitty had to wear a shirt or a baby onsie as he healed so that he wouldn’t scratch at his wounds, which made for some pretty cute photos!”   

2. “Kaitland reached out to us when she received a notice in the mail from her landlord. He had seen a cat in her window and she hadn’t paid her pet deposit. He gave her one week to pay it or the cat had to go. Kaitland adopted the cat from Saving Grace and couldn’t bear to think of her having to go back to the shelter. We were able to work out a deal where Kaitland came up with half of the pet deposit, and the Jamie Brianna Legacy Fund paid for the other half. Kaitland got to keep her kitty and her home.”