Happy Tails

Deborah and Pants

July, 2023: Here’s our latest happy tail from Cat Adoption Team:

Deborah is a single mom on a low income. She’d just had heart surgery. One thing that was keeping her spirits up? Her two tabby cats. Deborah had been trying for months to get neuter appointments for her young cats. She also hoped to get them started on other basic preventive care, like vaccines and flea treatment too. But with her cost limitations and the extreme veterinary shortages impacting access to spay/neuters services, finding something that was both available and affordable was proving difficult. That’s when Deborah reached out to Cat Adoption Team.

Thanks to the Keeping Cats in Homes Fund, and CAT’s low-cost spay/neuter clinic, Deborah was able to get care for her cats. In fact, with support from donors like Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fund, CAT was able to provide both of the kittens with neuter surgery, plus vaccines, flea treatment, nail trims, deworming, and microchipping. Now, both young cats and happier and healthier than ever!

Helping a couple of seniors

June, 2023: Sam and Coco are both 12 years old and needed to go to the vet for exams and diagnosis. In addition to skin allergies that are already being treated, Sam also has bad hips and is now on pain medication. Coco’s anal glands were clogged and she was in need of a nail trim. We were able to pay for their exams so they could get the help they needed and their mom is very grateful. We’re grateful too!

This is what it’s all about!

May, 2023: Our latest happy tail from Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center: “We have one really great life saving story to share with you! Miss Molly went to a local vet after her owner noticed she was very lethargic. The vet diagnosed her with having a pyometra, but sadly the owner could not afford the $2K surgery to save her life. One of the staff at the clinic had previously worked for Saving Grace and so she was familiar with the funding we sometimes have available to help owned pets stay with their families. She contacted me directly and we were able to get Miss Molly in the next day for a lifesaving pyometra surgery. Miss Molly’s Mom was so grateful as it is just the two of them and she was terrified of losing Molly at just two years old.”

Happy Tails from Jameson Humane

May, 2023:

1 dog’s life was saved.

2 dogs continue to provide companionship to an unhoused person.

2 puppies are in foster care and will be socialized and placed in loving homes.

Phoebe – 4-year-old Mastiff – life saving surgery for foreign body removal. Emergency room estimate $8,000 – 11,000. Phoebe’s guardian had already maxed out his Care Credit with preliminary tests/bloodwork, etc.

Phoebe made a full recovery.

Adoption update!

May, 2023: We have a happy tail update from Valley Animal Haven. This big, beautiful kitty is Evo. We sponsored his adoption fee and now he has found his way into a loving home! Enjoy your new life, Evo, we’re so happy for you!

Golf Sponsor

April, 2023: Once again we are a hole sponsor for Valley Animal Center’s annual golf tournament. Our funds will go to a specific program aimed at helping people keep their pets. It’s an honour to be part of this event.

Happy Tail Friday!

March, 2023: One of the programs we help is Keeping Cats in Home at Cat Adoption Team. So far this year they have helped 14 cats stay in the homes they know and love. Here is one such story: “Treble had what appeared to be a minor eye infection, but instead it became a painful, chronic issue. His owner Karen had spent over $1,000 on his medical care when she learned Treble needed to have his eye completely removed. There was cartilage out of place, necrotic tissue, and an ocular ulcer too! But the cost of surgery simply wasn’t in Karen’s budget. Afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep Treble and give him the care he needed, Karen reached to Cat Adoption Team (CAT) for advice. Instead of taking Treble in, fixing him up, and then trying to find him a new home, CAT was able to provide the surgery at no cost to Karen through their Keeping Cats in Homes fund! Generous donors like Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fund make this program possible, and that means keeping more pets and people together! Today, Treble is now healed up at home with the person he knows and loves best. We are so happy for Karen and Treble to have this happily ever after!” This is a double happy tail, because being a black cat (and with one eye), Treble would have had an extra hard time finding a new home.