Happy Tails

This is Krampus

April, 2024: A story from Cat Adoption Team: “When Billie found Cat Adoption Team’s low-cost spay/neuter clinic, she was excited to get her cat Krampus fixed at a price that fit her budget. She really wanted to get him other vital care during his appointment too, like an FVRCP vaccine, deworming and flea treatment, and a microchip. But the added cost was out of reach. She contacted CAT’s clinic to schedule the neuter and shared that she’d hoped to get Krampus more care but simply couldn’t add it on top of paying for the neuter. 

Billie wanted to do right by her kitty, and that’s one reason CAT’s Keeping Cats in Homes fund exists. Billie paid for the neuter surgery… and Krampus got the other care he needed too! Through the fund, CAT was able to provide the extra medical services at no additional cost. After the surgery Billie shared that Krampus recovered quickly and was grateful for the kind care.

CAT is grateful to partners like Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fund for supporting the Keeping Cats in Homes fund. Your generosity means more cats and their families stay happy and healthy together!

Helping the unhoused!

March, 2024: I’m excited to report that we are now helping Annie and Millie’s Place to provide temporary emergency shelter to unhoused people and their pets! Their mission is to keep humans experiencing homelessness together with their
fur family by evolving pet-friendly solutions, programs, and resources. In loving memory of their founder’s sister, Annie.

Meet Mochi!

January, 2024: I received this sweet email from his new family: “Thank you for sponsoring seats on the bus for Oregon Dog Rescue to transport shelter dogs from Texas. We adopted one of those dogs you helped save, and he is so loved! What a wonderful way to honor Jamie, as her love for animals lives on!” This made my day! ????

Saving Miles

December, 2023:

Another happy tail from Cat Adoption Team! “When Jonathen and his wife saw that their beloved cat Miles was getting sick, they took him right to the vet. They were heartbroken to get the diagnosis of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a viral infection that — until recently — was almost always fatal. There was a possibility of treating the disease, but the treatment can be expensive and works best when coupled with frequent bloodwork to track progress.

Although Jonathan was out of work, his wife had just started a new job. They were able to purchase Miles medication and treat him privately, but getting regular bloodwork drawn and tested was out of reach. The family contacted CAT’s Helpline for advice — and, thanks to donors and supporters like Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fund — Cat Adoption Team was ready to help. During Miles’ treatment, CAT’s hospital performed blood draws and covered the cost of bloodwork testing too. Jonathan shares: “Y’all have been exceptionally helpful… I appreciate it immensely.”

Helping cats like Miles and his family is what the CAT Helpline is all about. Thank you to Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fund and all your donors for supporting this important work!”

Another Happy Tail from Cat Adoption Team!

September, 2023:Fluffy, adorable Hastings was severely constipated… again. His human “mom” had spent thousands on surgery for him last time he got backed up. But he was struggling again, and funds where tighter now that she was in the middle of divorce. That’s when she contacted the CAT Helpline at Cat Adoption Team.Thanks to funding from partners like Jamie Brianna’s Legacy Fund, Cat Adoption Team was able to provide medical care and supplements to help Hastings feel better. With this low-cost veterinary support, Hastings was able to get the care he needed and stay with his favorite person, who says: “Thank you so much for all your help with my sweet Hastings”.
It’s such a great gift to help cats and people stay happy, healthy, and together!